Slash Your Costs, Raise Your Cleaning Standards

40 mp/h
Wind Resistance
Withstands wind speeds of 40 mp/h
300 m
Cleaning Efficiency
Cleans at heights reaching 300 m
7 cm
The machine is able to overcome or jump obstacle up to 7 cm.
Experience Cleaning Like Never Before
Achieve unprecedented cleaning efficiency with our smart spraying system and nanotech solutions. Time-saving, transformative cleaning.

Operates at unprecedented heights of 300 meters.

Extend Your Building Economic Life
Our thorough deep-cleaning safeguards your building's facade for long-term protection. Preserve value with Towercraft's unique methods.
Prioritize Privacy, Preserve Peace of Mind
Experience enhanced safety with Towercraft's advanced monitoring. Our precision-placed cameras protect without intruding, giving you security with a respectful distance.
Say Goodbye to White Residues
Eliminate white film and alkaline sediments. Towercraft ensures your facade remains immaculate, avoiding common cleaning issues.
Highest Standard in Facade Cleaning
Born from a singular purpose
Towercraft leverages groundbreaking technology to preserve and protect building exteriors
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